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Firestorm Armada

Firestorm Armada is a space combat game that pits fleets against each other on the tabletop. But which fleet will you choose? Will it be the Terrans staunchly defending their territories or the Directorate out for profit through arms deals? Perhaps it will be the Dindrenzi seeking revenge for the destruction of their home world or the Relthoza looking to expand their empire.

Firestorm Armada has many races for you to choose from; each one with its own unique style in both models and game play. You should always select your fleet based on what interests you. Do you prefer the look of a certain race? Is it their background that interests you, or do you relate to their style of game play.

Sub Categories

Aquan Prime
Dindrenzi Federation
Sorylian Collective
Terran Alliance
The Directorate
Zenian League
Alliance of Kurak
Oroshan Imperium

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