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Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor

Brand: Firestorm Events
Product Code: Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor
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Event Name: Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor
Telephone: 02920 227117
Event Date: 27/07/2017
Event Time: 06:00:00 PM
Event Day(s): Thursday
Event Length: 5 hours
Location: The South Wales Gaming Centre
Tickets: 36
Expected on 35
Instructor: Jake Cannon
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Firestorm Staff

Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor by Firestorm Events

Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor. a Warhammer 40,000 Campaign with an interactive website and a chance for you to influence the ongoing Warhammer 40,000 story.

For more background see here:

£5 gets you into the campaign plus entry to The Battlefields each week you play, Games are to be played in The Battlefields. Lots of great unique stuff for participation and fantastic prizes for the players who accumulate the most points over the 6 weeks of the campaign, more details to follow!

Over 6 weeks you will fight over 6 different planets in the Konor System.

Each week one of the planets will be the centre of the campaign and at the end of that week it will be controlled by the Imperium or Chaos. 

Each Planet will have its own story and unique mission and strategems and will be affected by previous campaign results.

Each planet will also have a specific unit theme associated with it. Players who follow that theme and use the appropriate units in the appropriate week will gain double points for each new painted unit datasheet used in a game or for each victory they have whilst using the themed unit in their army.

Themes are:

Week 1: Start Collecting/Space marines

Week 2: Elites

Week 3: Tanks

Week 4: Psykers

Week 5: Fast Attack/Flyers

Week 6: Scenery/Lords of War

Xenos forces are really important in the campaign, they can take wins away from Imperial or Chaos forces, which may decide who controls a planet at the end of each week.

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