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Pokemon Crimson Invasion Sunday PR - Newport

Brand: Firestorm Events
Product Code: Pokemon Crimson Invasion Sunday PR - Newport
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Event Name: Pokemon Crimson Invasion Sunday PR - Newport
Telephone: 01633 272 507
Event Date: 22/10/2017
Event Time: 11:00:00 AM
Event Day(s): Sunday
Event Length: 5 hours
Location: Firestorm Games Newport
Tickets: 32
Expected on 19
Instructor: Ian Jones
Organiser Bio:

Battlefields Committee

Pokemon Crimson Invasion Sunday PR - Newport by Firestorm Events

Come enjoy a Pokemon Pre-release in Firestorm Games Newport. Pre-releases give out “Pre-release Decks.” Inside each package, you’ll find four booster packs of the set and one  evolutionpack containing 23 key cards from current and previous sets, plus one of four alternate art prerelease promo cards. Like pre-releases of the past and present, you will build a 40 card deck out of these cards. At the end of the tournament, each player will also get additional booster packs from the current set for participation.

Pokemon Crimson Invasion Sunday Pre-release Newport


Registration from 11am

Players will receive the new style pre-release pack to build their 40 card deck, each kit contains:

4 Booster Packs
23 card evolution pack, featuring key cards from current and prior sets
1 of 4 alternate art Pre-release promo card

After completing a minimum of 3 rounds, players will receive 3 additional Booster Packs. 

Prize Support

Keep your Pre-release kit and additional boosters will be provided for participation

Energy will be available for deck construction.

A Pokemon Player ID is required! (if you don't have a player ID, don't worry one will be provided for you on the day).

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