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Deep Wars

Deep Wars is a 28mm scale tabletop wargame set in an alternate history of Earth in the late 17th century, where fortune seekers, scientists and scoundrels have discovered a lost land with an underground sea miles beneath the frozen surface of the southernmost continent. Ancient technology recovered from their first excursions on land has allowed these adventurers to develop new ether-powered dive suits and weapons and return to the bottom of the underground sea to battle with deadly marine enemies over powerful artifacts, glittering crystals and golden treasure on the seafloor.

Players choose from four distinct forces to vie for control over the watery abyss, creating warbands from six to ten miniatures. Each character in the warband can improve after battles, giving the game a RPG feel, and players can even design their own characters, weapons and “ether-tech” artifacts. Deep Wars includes multiple types of scenarios, including exploration of wrecks on the seafloor, adventures in ancient cities of cyclopean structures, battles among fields of geothermal chimneys, submarine boarding and many others.

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