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YuGiOh Code of the Duellist Sneak Newport- 29/07

Brand: Firestorm Events
Product Code: YuGiOh Code of the Duellist Sneak Newport - 29/07
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Event Name: YuGiOh Code of the Duellist Sneak Newport- 29/07
Telephone: 01633 272 507
Event Date: 29/07/2017
Event Time: 01:00:00 PM
Event Day(s): Saturday
Event Length: 1 days
Location: Firestorm Games Newport
Tickets: 8
Expected on 5
Instructor: Paul McEvoy
Organiser Bio:

Firestorm Staff

YuGiOh Code of the Duellist Sneak Newport- 29/07 by Firestorm Events

YuGiOh Maximum Crisis Sneak Peek in Firestorm Games Newport

Tickets will cost £16 on the day so pre-register on-line!!!

Each Player will receive 5 Boosters for Deck Construction

Minimum of of 8 Players are needed to run the event, so register early!


Registration: 13:00
Deck Construction: 14.00

An announcement will be made if any timings change during the day. The time and duration of any Break will be announced where relevant.

Prize Support

1 branded game mat per 8 players into the prize pool. In addition each player gets a relevant promo card for participation.

Code of Conduct

Wheaton's Law applies! Players must treat their opponents and Judges with consideration and respect. The South Wales Gaming Centre wants all participants to enjoy the event. It should be seen as an opportunity to play, compete and socialise with like minded individuals who share an interest and passion for the same game.

The success of the event, and its future development, will depend on the enthusiasm, support and constructive feedback received from its players.


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