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Arkham Horror LCG - Return to the Forgotten Age

  • Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
  • Product Code: FFGAHC46
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The flow of time itself is convoluted, and though you thought you had left the jungles of southern Mexico and the depths of Yoth behind you, it appears that they are not as far away as they might seem. Like a snake eating its own tail, the timeline is looping back around itself again…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Return to the Forgotten Age, an upgrade expansion adding new supplementary content to the entire The Forgotten Age campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Within this upgrade expansion, you’ll find new scenario cards and encounter sets that you can insert into every scenario of The Forgotten Age, mixing up your investigations with new dangers and new objectives. New player cards, representing upgraded versions of cards from The Forgotten Age give you new tools and options for upgrading your decks. And with a full assortment of card dividers, you’ll be able to easily sort and store your entire campaign. Will you venture once more into the jungle?

You’ve already traversed the trackless rainforests, trespassed in ancient temples, and been held captive in bizarre cities far beyond our own dimensional space and time. But as your journey begins anew, you’ll find that things have been strangely altered and twisted. You’ve found yourself in a new timestream…

Return to the Forgotten Age remixes the entire The Forgotten Age campaign, bringing new tricks and turns for every scenario with an assortment of new scenario cards.

Along with bringing changes to every individual scenario, this upgrade expansion also includes four new encounter sets, designed to swap in throughout the campaign and bringing even more replayability to the table. Whether it’s a horrifying Vengeful Serpent or Cultists calling on forces From Another Time , these new encounter cards promise to bring dangerous new threats to your investigations. No matter which of these new scenario cards and encounter sets you’re using, this upgrade expansion has the divider cards you need to easily organize the entire campaign—ensuring you’re ready to leap into The Forgotten Age at a moment’s notice.

Of course, it’s not all writhing snakes and the all-encompassing vengeance of Yig. Return to the Forgotten Age also includes an assortment of new player cards—specifically upgraded versions of cards that were first introduced during The Forgotten Age campaign.

And finally, what would an upgrade expansion be without a list of achievements tempting you closer to nigh-impossible feats. Whether it’s completing every act deck in a single playthrough of Threads of Fate, defeating Yig in The Depths of Yoth, or winning The Forgotten Age campaign without ever becoming poisoned, these achievements give you something to strive for again and again.