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Neverborn - Bandersnatch

  • Brand: Wyrd Miniatures
  • Product Code: WYR20437
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The Bandersnatch is a terrifying creature, mostly only heard about in stories told by children to scare each other, many people don't even believe that it exists. That is at least until they actually see it, once that happens you can never unsee it for the rest of your usually very short life, as most of the people that witness it are seconds away from death. This creature hides in the shadows and can live in your house for weeks without you ever knowing it was there, although you may not see it many people have been reported as telling others of a presence they feel in their house days before vanishing. Unknown if these disappearances are actually linked to the Bandersnatch as it never leaves evidence. Sometimes, people speculate to create fear, it will leave the youngest child alive with the family's bodies still in the house and by the time anyone has found them they are said to just be repeating a chilling rhyme for days, until the Bandersnatch comes back to finish them off.

"Skitter, skitter and scratch,
Here comes the Bandersnatch!
Watch my shadow, I'll watch yours,
Lock the windows and lock the doors.
Skitter, skitter and scratch,
Here comes the Bandersnatch!
Nowhere to hide, it's already begun,
Your shadow will follow wherever you run!
Skitter, skitter and scratch..."

This Neverborn set contains 1 Bandersnatch model, which is 32mm and made of high quality plastic.

Set contains:


1 Bandersnatch
Stat Cards

1 Bandersnatch
Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.