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Battletome: Ironjawz (Hardback)

  • Brand: Games Workshop
  • Product Code: 89-01-60
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Battletome: Ironjawz is a 128 page hardback book that is an essential guide for any collector of the Greenskin Ironjawz faction in Age of Sigmar. Covering background, history and beautiful artwork as it delves into the savage brutality of this warclan. As well as beautiful 'Eavy Metal displays to inspire you for when painting your own clan, it provides 3 battleplans, 8 warscrolls and 6 warscroll battalions to allow you to bring a greentide of Orruks to the battlefield.

The Ironjawz are the biggest, baddest and most destructive of all the clanz of Orruks. Extremely violent, they are always ready to jump into a fight. It does not matter if they are outnumbered, they will keep coming, never stop and get stronger the more you hit them. Lead by the fist of Gork, Gordrakk and bringing new warbeasts to overrun the enemy, these greenskins are ready for much punchin' and crushin' as they bellow their mighty war cry "Waaagh".