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Black Guard of Barad-dûr

  • Brand: Games Workshop
  • Product Code: 99801462022
  • Reward Points: 17
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  • Price in reward points: 1663


The Black Guard of Barad-dûr are considered the most fearsome of all the Orc breeds to march in Sauron's armies. Not only are the warriors of the Black Guard stronger than ordinary Uruk-hai, they are led by Captains whose loyalty to Sauron renders them almost insensate to fear. Each of the Black Guard of Barad-dûr is a sinister-looking miniature. Garbed in heavy chainmail, each model grips an unusual but brutal sword and wears a swaying cloak. Their helmet is rounded and mysterious, while their massive shields all display an evil, burning eye...

This resin cast kit contains 8 components and a sprue of 4 25mm round bases with which to make four Black Guard of Barad-dûr.