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Flames of War - Blood, Guts & Glory

  • Brand: Battlefront Miniatures
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Blood, Guts, & Glory bridges the gap between the breakout operations in Normandy in August 1944, and the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 and January 1945. This is a very exciting time for American players. New equipment is finally arriving at the front. New Sherman models, such as the M4A3, are a definite improvement on the breed. There are a lot of new features on these new tanks, but I'll let their game stats do the talking! Suffice it to say that the might of American industry combined with solid engineering have finally come to bear on the Axis! Faster more reliable Shermans are now on the prowl, heavy assault tanks like the Jumbo with its massive front armour plates are bouncing even the best German anti-tank rounds, and the smooth ride of the new M4A3E8 'Easy Eight' gives the gunners the ability to accurately put rounds down range while on the move. Furthermore, new ammunition for the 76mm and 3in guns has arrived to help even the odds against thick German armour. The technological gap that the Germans enjoyed in the early years of the war has all but disappeared! Take all of these technological advances and excellent tank designs, give them to some of the US Army's best tankers of the highly experienced 4th Armored Division, and what you’ll end up with is an unstoppable force hell bent on reaching Berlin!