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Flames of War - British, Artillery HQ (NW Europe)

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The key to the success of British artillery doctrine was good staff work, and whilst prewar British artillery doctrine called for precision fire aimed at destroying individual machine-gun positions with minimal expenditure of ammunition they soon learnt in the fast-moving battles of the desert getting rounds on the ground as fast as possible was more important. Response times were rapidly increased so that within minutes of a target being identified a battery could 'stonk' a large area or concentrate everything to 'murder' a small target. The battery staff and observers have another trick up their sleeve, the ability to call down 'mike target'. This brings the guns of the whole regiment onto a target designated by an observer. Within a relatively short time twenty-four guns would be pounding the target as fast as the loaders could shove the rounds in the breach. The effect was dramatic, leading German prisoners to ask to see the 'belt-fed' artillery on their way to the rear! contents: this blister pack contains 1x British Artillery HQ (NW Europe) 3x British Command Rifle Teams (NW Europe) 1x British Staff Team (NW Europe) 2x British Observer Rifle Teams (NW Europe) 2x British OP Carriers 1x British Jeep