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Bushido - Minimoto Clan Starter Set

  • Brand: GCT Studios
  • Product Code: GCTBCM001
  • Reward Points: 23
  • Availability: Restock expected, available to order. Notify me when available
  • Price in reward points: 2246


The Minimoto clan are as stoic and unyielding as the Iron Mountains they call home. Unparalleled masters of metal craft and the arts of metallurgy and mining. The great mountain not only provides the clan’s wealth but also its protection. This great clan, whose loyalty was once unquestioned by the Takashis, has grown distant of late. Rumours spread of the Old Bear rousing from too many long winters, slumbering in his mountain halls, and he is hungry. So long on the fringes of the ‘civilised’ world have left the Bear clan without the need or taste for the frivolities of court, ‘The Bear does not dance’, but it does fight, and would that be against the shadows, Dragon, Eagle or Snake it pays no mind, for with Tetsubo in hand there are few that can oppose its fury.

Blister contains five models, five 30mm bases, five full colour profile cards, one enhancement card and one theme card.