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Death on the Reik: Enemy Within Campaign Director’s Cut Vol.2

  • Brand: Cubicle7
  • Product Code: CB72410
  • Reward Points: 27
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  • Price in reward points: 2699


The waterways of The Empire are many and diverse, but no river is larger than the mighty Reik. From Marienburg to Altdorf, great vessels ply its waters. Further south the river is crowded with smaller riverboats and fishing craft. The livelihoods of many are dependant on its bounty – traders, for whom it is a reliable link between markets; fishers, who reap a regular harvest of the creatures beneath its waves; and farmers, whose lands are enriched by the nutrients it carries. But though its waters are wide and clear, strange creatures lurk along its tree-lined banks and somewhere, near one of its quieter backwaters, a great evil festers and grows.

For over a century the evil has lain dormant, but now the time foretold by the ancients is at hand. Horror unimaginable has awoken in the very heart of Sigmar’s realm, and it is now steadily corrupting all around it. The cancer must be cut out before it is too late – but first, it has to be found…