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Dindrenzi Federation Patrol Fleet

  • Brand: Spartan Games
  • Product Code: FADF12
  • Reward Points: 22
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  • Price in reward points: 2175


The vessels that make up these Patrol Fleets are characteristic of Dindrenzi ship design in both form and function, all three hulls are essentially comprised of a single gargantuan weapon, surrounded in tough armour plates and driven by powerful engines. Warships to the core; what these vessels lack in subtlety is made up for in brute firepower. The powered rails that drive each ship's principle armament run a significant proportion of the vessel's considerable length. Current supplied from enormous generators hurls solid slugs the length of these rails, reaching unthinkable velocities and enormous kinetic energies. Taking full advantage of this, Dindrenzi naval doctrine focuses on first strike tactics. Aggressively pounding the enemy with relentless fire from the onset of battle, their foes will be crippled and their formations broken before they can even bring their weapons in to firing range. Heralded by a rain of rail-gun fire, Patrol Fleets from the Dindrenzi Federation are striking like lightning bolts across the war front. Leaving only drifting hulks and conquered worlds in their wake, you can only hope they give you time to surrender!