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Resurrectionists - Draugr

  • Brand: Wyrd Miniatures
  • Product Code: WYR20241
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Malifaux is known to awaken latent magical abilities in people as they cross the Breach. But not every magical talent can be used in life. there are some with the ability to return from the grave even stronger than they were in life. Of course, the individual often has no idea they have this talent until they have been put into the grave. These people rise as the Draugr.

Although Draugr retain some of the intelligence and will that they had in life, they are often driven mad by their transition. They awaken in the cold ground, abandoned there by those they loved, and they are forced to claw their way free. Sometimes getting out of the grave takes weeks of struggling through the cold, unyielding earth.

Some Draugr seek out those who wronged them in life. Some retreat to the wilderness, hiding from the humans that will now shun them. Others simply go stark, raving mad, grabbing the most intimidating weapon they can find and unleashing their anger on the living.

Minion Box Set, containing two 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and Upgrade Cards.