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Dungeon Saga - The Warlord of Galahir

  • Brand: Mantic Games
  • Product Code: MGDS04
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  • Price in reward points: 3199


Swords, sorcerers, monsters and a dangerous adventure beyond compare await you as you take your games of Dungeon Sage on a new trilling adventure with this epic expansion set from Mantic Entertainment. Assume the roles of mighty heroes and as they take on evil monsters in tight, twisting dungeon passages to thwart the vile evil Orc overlord that desires conquest over the World!

This quest pack introduces an all-new storyline, challenging adventures and exciting new components to add to your Dungeon Saga collection.

This expansion box set contains:

2 New Hero Miniatures: Kaopka - Gladewalker Druid, Hrrath Flamespitter - Salamander Fighter
1 New Boss Miniature: Thrundak Skullsplitter - Orc Barbarian
18 Orc and Goblin Miniatures
New dungeon tiles, spells, items and locations
Cards to support Invisible Overlord and Uncharted Dungeon play modes.

Please Note: Dungeon Saga - The Dwarf King's Guest set is required to play this expansion (Adventurer’s Companion also required for Invisible Overlord and Uncharted Dungeon play modes). Miniatures Supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

Based on the classic fantasy characters and monsters we have all grown up with from the fantasy universe. Dungeon Saga is a classic dungeon crawler of swords and sorcery, where mighty heroes with various skills must work together to battle the evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon for treasure and glory.

In The Warlord of Galahir, join the battle to free the imprisoned merchant Pietor Grube from the clutches of foul Orcs, recover the treasures of Sarennia and destroy the tyrannical warlord despoiling the once idyllic forests of Galahir. Do you have what it takes to restore peace and civility to the good people of Penn-Scarr?

Lead Four New Heroes, Kapoka the Gladewalker Druid and the Salamander named Hrrath enter the fray, along with Thesilar the ranger and fighter Guraf. Invade the Orc Lair and journey through the dank, subterranean habitat of the green-skins as you hunt down the menace bringing terror to the land. Vanquish the Horde as you wade through legions of Orcs, Goblins, Mawbeasts and other beings of brutal ferocity in a visceral fight for survival. Finally confront Thrundak Skullsplitter the renowned. Even amongst his own kin he is known for his extreme cruelty, this furiously violent Orc leaves nothing but rivers of blood in his wake.

Now show the savages no mercy!