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GEG - Romanian TACAM R2

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The second most common captured gun in Romanian stores was the Russian M-1936 F-22 field gun (3 in/76.2 mm). It had quite excellent muzzle velocity, although it compared badly to the ZiS, the latter being more powerful. The gun was separated from its undercarriage and placed on a custom-built mount, right on top of the superstructure. A sloped three-sided armored casemate (10-17 mm/0.39-0.67 in) was mounted to protect the gun crew, open at the rear and top (partial roof, starting at the front). The plates were provided by disassembled captured BT-7s and T-26s. Since the Germans already used the F-22 in large quantities, compatible ammunition was available, and stocks were shipped to Bucharest.

The optics were German and adapted to the gun, and the gun sights and fixations were Romanian. In late 1943, tests began at Leonida, which proved successful, although proving that while the chassis supported the new load, the gun itself was only efficient at short range, within 500-600 m (550-660 yards), against the T-34. The final ZiS-3 had a 30° traverse and +15°/-5° elevation, with a provision of 21 HE and 9 AP rounds. The chassis remained unchanged. A batch of forty conversions was delayed, since the Romanians had to wait for the Germans to supply more efficient ZiS-3s and ammo.