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Grand Alliance: Chaos

  • Brand: Games Workshop
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The ultimate player guide for Chaos players. A must have purchase for all fans of Chaos, in the Age of Sigmar, at a great value price! A 304 page softback book, with all the references needed to play with Chaos armies. It is a full guide of the armies and factions devoted to Chaos at the dawn of the Age of Sigmar, that holds 158 Warscrolls from 21 distinct factions, including:

Slaves of Darkness – every mortal Chaos hero, unit and monster
Archaosn, the Varanguard and Gaunt Summoner
Every Chaos Daemon, including Skarbrand and the Bloodthirster
Brayherds (previously Beastmen) and Warherds (previously minotaurs)
A section devoted to the monsters of Chaos and Chaos Gargants (Chaos Giants)
The Thunderscorn (previously Dragon Ogres)
The Skaven Clans – every Skaven hero, unit, war machine and monsters)
The book also contains the Age of Sigmar rules, faction summaries, organizational charts which show how those forces are organised and eleven new Warscroll battalions.