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Ironjawz - Gore Gruntas

  • Brand: Games Workshop
  • Product Code: 89-30
  • Reward Points: 46
  • Availability: Restock expected, available to order. Notify me when available
  • Price in reward points: 4560


This multi-part plastic kit allows you to build a unit of 3 Ironjawz Orruk Gore-Gruntas. Colossal bearded pig-like creatures the Orruks charge into the fray of battle as cavalry, the Orruks that ride them are extremely brave or very stupid to sit on the backs of these ill-tempered beasts.

Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

Gore-Gruntas are the combination of the Orukk need for violence and the ferocity of a stampede of animals.  They are thundering herds of monstrous boar-like creatures the Orruks ride on the backs of as cavalry and help them collect scrap metal. They are violent, ill-tempered creatures and any Orukk that survives the taming process covers in as much armour and weapons as it can carry and charge head first into the outflanks of the enemy forces. These so call animals are able to consume large amounts of scrap meatal they encounter without digesting it. This allows the Orruks to collect the remnants and harvest this to make all their weapons and armour, referring to it as "Pig-iron". Just try not to think about where the metal comes from.