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JSA - Sectorial Army Pack

  • Brand: Corvus Belli
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There was a moment when the proud Japanese, who had been humiliated and treated like second-class citizens by the StateEmpire for far too long, rose up against their oppressors and claimed their freedom. The Japanese Uprising was a brief but terribly intense and savage conflict for which the Japanese paid a high price in blood for their victory but finally managed to tear away from Yu Jing. After the Uprising, the Japanese Secessionist Army, or JSA, has been reformulated based on the figure of the servo-powered samurais, as natural leaders both in spirit and in combat. However, the JSA maintains its nature of being primarily an assault force, because the Bushido doctrine requires no less.

A box with 9 new and incredible miniatures belonging to JSA, a Japan completely independent of Yu Jing, part of the Non-Aligned Armies (NA2). It includes an introductory manual, scenery, dice... everything you need to start with Infinity or expand your collection!


3x Keisotsu Butai
2x Ryuken Unit-9
1x Kempeitai
1x Daiyokai Dengekitai
1x Oniwaban
1x Kuge Delegate
1x Kuroshi Rider, Aragoto Senkenbutai Riku-Gun-Shoi
The Kurage Station Scenery Pack
3x Twenty-sided JSA Dice
1x Full-colour, 80-page booklet containing introductory JSA background, the Infinity Quick Start Rules, 3 ready-to-play missions, and everything you need to learn about the Infinity Universe
Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.