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Legion of Everblight - Unit, Blighted Rotwings (metal)

  • Brand: Privateer Press
  • Product Code: PIP73110
  • Reward Points: 32
  • Availability: Unavailable Notify me when available
  • Price in reward points: 3146


Flocks of scavengers called rotwings follow the bloody trail of the blighted ogrun, subsisting on the carnage they leave behind. Rotwings ingest large amounts of blighted flesh from fallen dragonspawn and ogrun, causing the birds themselves to become blighted. Their powerful beaks easily rip flesh and muscle from carcasses and can crack open skull and bones to reach brain matter and marrow.

Blighted Rotwings are a fast skirmish unit, preying on damaged enemy units. They are excellent for contesting flags and zones and for gumming up the enemy lines.

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.