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Lord Celestant on Dracoth / Dracothian Guard

  • Brand: Games Workshop
  • Product Code: 96-24
  • Reward Points: 38
  • Availability: 1 in stock, 3 available 1-3 working days
  • Price in reward points: 3800


This kit allows you to make any of the following Dracothian Guard variants:

- Tempestors, armed with volleystorm crossbows, warblade and sigmarite shields;

- Fulminators armed with stormstrike glaives and sigmarite shields;

- Concussors, armed with lightning hammers and sigmarite shields;

- Desolators, armed with thunderaxes and sigmarite shields.


One Dracothian Guard can also be optionally assembled as Lord-Celestant on Dracoth armed with a selection of weapons including tempestos hammer, thunderaxe, lightning hammer, stormstrike glaive and sigmarite shield. 

This kit comes in 80 components and is supplied with two 90x52mm Citadel Oval bases.