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Minions 2016 MK III Faction Deck

  • Brand: Privateer Press
  • Product Code: PIP91114
  • Reward Points: 16
  • Availability: Unavailable Notify me when available
  • Price in reward points: 1526


Faction Decks contain all the stat cards for a player’s miniatures within a faction that have currently been released, providing you essential tools for a quick reference of abilities, stats, as well as keeping track of damage received during game play. 

With all new updated and redesigned cards for every model currently released up until 1st June 2016, this faction deck is a must for every Minions collector or who wishes to use Mercenaries as part of their other faction.

This deck box contains 90 coloured stat cards.

Whatever their concerns or motivations, minions bring tremendous versatility to their sponsors. Swamp gobbers bring the inventive alchemy of their fog bellows to cloak allies in the concealing mist. Rugged farrow brigands offer rifles and clubs for hire and seem willing to take the brunt of enemy assaults. Gatormen are among the most vicious and deadly warriors in the region, with a combination of physical prowess and tough, scaled hides. Bog trogs emerge from the wetlands wielding cruelly effective barbed hooks and take advantage of their natural camouflage to ambush and surprise the enemy. These Minions bring fury and wrath to the fight, but hope their bloodlust does not turn towards you.