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PlasCraft - Continuum Hanger Bay

  • Brand: Plast-Craft Games
  • Product Code: SF003
  • Reward Points: 38
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  • Price in reward points: 3779


PVC foam, MDF.
Width: 30.4cm / 12.0in
Height: 14.6cm / 5.7in
Lenght: 20.6cm / 8.1in
Weight: 480gr/ 1.05lb

Consortium Trade post has been designed to be played in skirmish games and other 28-32mm scale
wargames of futuristic aesthetics such us Star Wars™: Legion, Infinity: The game, Warpath™, etc.

“Located in the main space-ports of each planet, these small cubicles are actually the entrance to a large
underground souk where all kinds of deals are made; from daily food transactions to deals between bounty
hunters of the worst kind.”

This model can be used as a single piece of terrain or as part of set: The Turku Spaceport.
This model comes pre-colored.
This product is delivered unassembled.