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The Realmgate Wars: Balance of Power

  • Brand: Games Workshop
  • Product Code: 80-08-60
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A massive 304 page hardback book that continues the story of Sigmar’s attack on the forces of Chaos. It explores more of the realms and factions that fight there as the battles become more fierce with Chaos counter-attacks and the mighty Archaon and Celestant Prime joining the war!
This book contains something new for every hobbyist: great new stories and art, clear painting guides and fantastic scenarios, rules and exciting ways to play games with miniatures. The book includes:
4 new Times of War rules sections for fighting in the realms of Metal, Fire, Death and Life, with special rules that you can use in any game, many including new spells any wizard can use, as well as a new triumph table (winning criteria).
10 Battleplans (scenarios) that any army can use and 41 new Warscrolls.
Stage-by-stage painting guides for Skaven, Seraphon, Skeleton Warriors, Slaves to Darkness Chaos Warriors, Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers.
9 Warscroll battalions of Stormcast Eternals, Nurgle Rotbringers, Sylvaneth, Fyreslayers, Deathlords, Skaven and Slaves to Darkness.