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Red Star Nation - Brontoborg (Metal)

  • Brand: Bot War
  • Product Code: 2689270010087
  • Reward Points: 30
  • Availability: Restock expected, available to order. Notify me when available
  • Price in reward points: 3000


The Brontoborg was the second Dinoborg created. General Melkov identified a need for a forward mobile fortress to hold off counter attacks while his forces regroup.
Surprisingly, the Brontoborg turned out to be a hyper territorial beast. While quite placid normally, when its space is threatened the beast can be as violent as Tyrannoborg, if not more. So it was perfect for its intended purpose.
The cybernetic enhancements have been designed to help maximise these traits of Brontoborg by creating a 360 degree defence perimeter.
Brontoborgs’s main weapon is its heavy tail, the thagomizer. Easily able to knock a heavy bot over 100 metres with incredible force. Similarly, Brontoborg treats Shark Warriors like golf balls at a sunday afternoon golf driving range.
Often General Melkov himself, along with his Cyberborg comrades are transported into battle on the landing platforms of Brontoborg.