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Flames of War - Soviet Union, M4 'Emcha' (M4A2 Sherman)

  • Brand: Battlefront Miniatures
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The diesel-powered M4A2 Sherman was sent to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program and 4,102 M4A2 Shermans were received, roughly half with the 75mm and half with the 76mm gun, but the latter was not received until after Operation Bagration. The M4 was nicknamed 'Emcha' by Soviet troops (which came from 'Em' for M and 'cha' because the English number '4' looks like the Russian letter 'cha') and whilst the American-built Sherman was often derided by Soviet propaganda as an inadequate armoured vehicle, in reality it proved far more reliable than its Soviet built counterpart, the T-34. It had better optics, a powered turret traverse, carried more ammunition and was more spacious inside allowing the crew more room to operate. In addition, the 75mm gun proved slightly superior to that of the T-34's 76.2mm gun. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Soviet M4 'Emcha' (M4A2 Sherman)