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Flames of War - Soviet Union, T-34/85 Tankovy Company

  • Brand: Battlefront Miniatures
  • Product Code: SBX06
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The increasing number of heavy German tanks in 1943 such as the Tiger and Panther gave the Soviets pause for thought, especially after the tank clashes at Kursk. Front-line tank commanders now felt the T-34's 76.2mm gun was inadequate when pitted against the new German big cats. Development of a T-34 replacement, the T-43, was cancelled and work was set about to fit the existing 85mm anti-aircraft gun to a T-34. The resulting new T-34/85 tank had this much superior gun and finally a three-man turret. The new stop-gap model still retained the radio in the hull, but this was remedied later with the obr 1944 and with a three-man turret the commander could just command the tank, leaving the operation of the gun to his gunner and loader. contents: this boxed set contains 1x Soviet T-34/85 Company 5x Soviet T-34/85 obr 1943 1x Soviet Decals Sheet