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The Battle For Xilos (Antares Supplement)

  • Brand: Warlord Games
  • Product Code: WGA-10
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Take your games of Beyond the Gates of Antares to the next trilling level as you battle over a whole new arena and follow a narrative storyline, with this new Antares supplement book from Warlord Games.

Written by Mr Rick Priestley, this supplement continues the events from the main rulebook where a new conflicted has begun, triggered by the discovery of the planet of Xilos. The book describes, in the form of an exciting and continuing narrative, the struggle for control of the planet and the ancient builder tech hidden beneath its surface. It also includes a campaign system featuring a series of scenarios which cover the different stages of the battle for Xilos, beginning with the initial landings. Also there is a cool system for gathering campaign victory points and fielding some of the strange builder tech artefacts that your forces will capture along the way.

Areas that the supplement covers include:

6 New Scenarios.
Complete Campaign System, inclusive of force and character progression.
Rules on how to build your own characters.
New rules for incorporating allies either by combining forces or with mercenaries.
Xilos creature rules.
One Completely new Ghar Outcast Rebel Army.
Two new Mercenary army lists, The Freeborn Adventurers Army and the Boromite Clan Army.
Army list updates for Isorians and Algoyrn.
New Characters.
New troop types including Isorian Pulse Bikes, new Drone types, Ghar Outcast Support weapons and the Rebel Creeper.
Now bring new fun and excitement to your games and discover what the Planet Xilos has in store! 

Please note: A copy of the Beyond the Gates of Antares main rule book will be need to use this supplement.