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Gremlins - Mah Tucket Crew: The Bushwhackers

  • Brand: Wyrd Miniatures
  • Product Code: WYR20623
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As the infamous leader of the Bayou Bushwhackers, Mah Tucket is not a Gremlin to be trifled with. She is wanted for untold Guild infractions involving Grand Theft, Assault & Battery, Assault & Battery followed by Grand Theft, Assault & Battery followed by Grand Theft then returning for additional Assault & Battery, and Assault & Battery Just For The Heck Of It.

She wields an enormous wooden spoon, notched by the heads of innumerate fools who thought they could handle one stout old Gremlin in a giant hat. Mah Tucket takes great pleasure in serving up a dose of reality to the unwary with her huge wyrdwood utensil. In her leather-lined apron, she bulls and hollers her way through the Bayou, swatting anyone dumb enough not to move out of her way.

Stout, durable and cantankerous, she is more than capable of standing toe-to-toe with the best of the big folks, and expects the same from her followers. Failure is simply not tolerated and she has a habit of barging to the front to show them how it’s done. And then yell at them about how it's done. And then show them again, just to make sure it really sinks in.

Formed in her image is The Little Lass, her diminutive and terrifying protégé complete with her own spoon, giant hat and fearsome aspect.

Never has cookware struck fear into the hearts of men as it does when wielded by Mah Tucket.