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The Other Side - Goryshche - Titan Box

  • Brand: Wyrd Miniatures
  • Product Code: WYR40258
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Around 1000 AD, a large portal between worlds opened in the Sorochinsk Mountains in Russia. Through that opening came Goryshche, a mutated creature that inspired countless legends of dragons and hydras. Though capable of extreme regeneration, a Russian hero used flame to cauterize Goryshche's wounds before they could heal and, eventually, slew the beast.

Almost a thousand years later, the pieces of Goryshche's body were found by the Cult of the Burning Man. They resurrected the dismembered beast and infused her with the Burning Man's fire, creating dozens of deadly, flame-wreathed titans.

On the tabletop, Goryshche is a melee monster that grows additional Snapping Heads as the battle wears on, each one of which greatly increases her already terrifying melee prowess.