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Gremlins - Zipp Crew: The Sky Pirates

  • Brand: Wyrd Miniatures
  • Product Code: WYR20635
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The Sky Pirates is a new crew box introducing a new Master to the Gremlin faction, Zipp. The rules for the miniatures will be available in the Ripples Of Fate, the 3rd expansion for 2nd Edition Malifaux. 

Zipp’s box set contains six models, including Zipp himself. The First Mate has been Zipp’s second in command since the day he ate Zipp’s original first mate (Zipp played it off like it was all part of his plan). Earl Burns was taken hostage the day the airship was stolen, and the Gremlins keep him around to fly the thing. On the table, he is excellent at supporting and repairing Constructs. The Iron Skeeters are highly mobile Enforcers who can drag other models along with them using their Grappling Hooks.

Gremlin Box Set, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and Upgrade Cards.

Set Contains:


Earl Burns
The First Mate
3 Iron Skeeters
Stat Cards

Earl Burns
The First Mate
3 Iron Skeeters
Please Note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and assembly will be required.