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Trasher - Crasher, Dustup, Ruckus

  • Brand: Bot War
  • Product Code: BW011
  • Reward Points: 24
  • Availability: 2 in stock
  • Price in reward points: 2349


Ruckus was once a gentle Valiant before he downloaded the Trasher code. Of all the Valiants, he was one of the few whose code had visited Earth before, without a physical body. On the last such journey, Galaxy Tyrants rebellion had broken out and this left Ruckus marooned in the ether. When Chopper arrived and established the Trasher factory Ruckus was the first unexpected download. Ruckus uses a fighting style learnt from watching humanity for the last 1000 years. He uses a short bladed sword much like Earths gladiators of old.

Crasher has never been quite right. Even before losing his head a few times Crasher was always considered to have a loose circuit or two. He is often the first to battle and walks ahead of the main Trashers group taunting the enemy with shouts, crude gestures and general crazy like behaviour. Crasher wields his hammer with reckless abandon, striking foes with every swing and backswing.

Dustup is short for a Trasher. Dustup’s stature often means he is underestimated by his enemies, right before they take an lightning speed uppercut to the chin by Dustups warhammer. The fact is that Dustup is lightning fast usually always being the first to strike crushing blows in any combat situation. Equiped with a valuable combat shield, Dustup is a match for many goes larger than himself.

This set comes with enough parts to make 1 x Crasher, 1xDustup, 1x Ruckus.