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Avatars of War

<p>Avatars of War has had a big and continued support from gamers and collectors around the world since its first day of life, working with the best freelance artists and sculptors in the industry to develop new and exciting projects. This includes their two games, Arena Deathmatch and Warthrone, as well as the creation of a range of multi-part plastic regiments to compliment their metal heroes.</p> <p>Arena Deathmatch is a miniatures game where each player creates and commands a band of Avatars of War and face other players in the arena. But your opponent is not the only obstacle to victory, the dangers of the arena are a challenge alone, pits of death, wild beasts, crazed supporters loom over your band. Warthrone is their game of epic fantasy battles in the World of Saga, where heroes and their forces fight for supremacy.</p>
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