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TEL: 02920 227 117
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Where Legends Stand Bases

High-quality fantasy miniatures by Where Legends Stand Bases. 28mm resin minis and figures for your favourite tabletop roleplaying games including D&D, Pathfinder, Frostgrave and Gloomhaven. 3D printed to order, tabletop wargames, skirmish games and roleplaying games. 3D printed to order.

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Blast Zone Tango-7

Catacombs of the Necromagus

Cathedral of the Martyred Rose

Cogworks Of Dwyrenfell

Desolation of Gorrwrath

District Z-RHO

Dragoth's Fortune

Grove Of The Eldenwood

Havenholme Tavern

Journey to Dharenshire

Kernel Sectors of the Painframe