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TEL: 02920 227 117
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Citadel Colour

The Citadel Colour range is a comprehensive and high-quality collection of paints, brushes, and tools designed specifically for Warhammer miniatures. Crafted by Games Workshop, the brand behind the iconic Warhammer universe, Citadel Colour offers a vast spectrum of paints, allowing hobbyists to bring their miniatures to life with stunning detail and vibrant colors. The carefully curated selection of brushes ensures precision and ease of application, while the accompanying tools are designed to enhance the miniature assembly and painting experience.

Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or a newcomer to the world of Warhammer, Citadel Colour provides the essential elements to transform your miniatures from grey plastic into works of art, making the painting process both enjoyable and rewarding. Order Citadel Colour paints, brushes and tools for Warhammer online at Firestorm Games with up to 20% off. FREE same-day dispatch and 24 hour delivery for orders over £60 in the UK. Fast, reliable, excellent service.

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