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Join the Firestorm Games Affiliate Program and Earn While You Create!

Whether you have a YouTube channel, Twitch channel, podcast, news website or blog, the Firestorm Games Affiliate Program is the best and easiest way to earn money from your games and hobby content.

You may have heard of other affiliate programs – you may even be signed up to one of them already – but we think the Firestorm Games Affiliate Program is by far the best choice for you. Here’s why:


Why join the Firestorm Games Affiliate Program?

Monetize Your Content

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already putting your heart and soul into creating amazing content for the games and hobbies you love – so why not earn a little extra while you do it? The affiliate program is a great way to monetize your content in a simple and effective way that feels like a natural fit - and doesn’t involve selling out!


The Best Commission Rates In The Game

We offer the best commission rates of any comparable affiliate program, starting at 6%. Using your unique affiliate code, you’ll earn commission every time a customer follows a link on your content and makes a purchase. Traffic from your content is tracked for 30 days, so even if a customer leaves and comes back a few weeks later, you’ll still earn commission from the sale.

*Please note that commission is not applied to the affiliate's own personal purchases. Commission is applied to genuine referrals only. Affiliates who create accounts solely for the purpose of generating commission on their personal purchases and who attempt to do so repeatedly may have their account suspended.


Give Your Audience What They Want

Joining the affiliate program isn’t just about money – it’s a fantastic way to please your audience and add value to your content too. Delight your fans with big savings on their favourite products and hook them up with a great place to find all the products and supplies featured in your content.


A Friendly Local Game Store You Can Trust

Firestorm Games is one of the UK’s biggest retailers for tabletop games, hobby supplies and much more, but we pride ourselves on our FLGS spirit and great customer service. We’re fast, friendly and reliable. Our customers and affiliates always give us fantastic feedback, and we’re the only major UK hobby retailer to have achieved an organic* 100% 5-star rating on TrustPilot.

*Organic ratings are the ones from real customers, not dodgy sources like paid reviews and bots!


More Sales Equals Bigger Rewards

Your commission rate scales with the total value of the sales you generate, from 6% up to 8% – the more customers you send our way, the more you earn.


Track Your Performance

We provide detailed analytics so that you can keep track of how well your affiliate links are working for you, including data for total visits, total sales, conversion rate, total commission, average commission and unique customers. You can even select a date range to see how your affiliate links performed over a specific period or even a specific day, to help you fine-tune your content for maximum results.


Commission Scale

We want to reward our most dedicated affiliate partners, so we’re the only comparable affiliate program that increases your commission rate alongside the total sales value you generate. The more you put into the affiliate program, the more you get out of it.


Total Sales value per month (measured for 3 consecutive months)*

Commission Rate

£0 – £4,999

6% (standard rate)

£5,000 – £9,999






How It Works

1) Put In Your Application

Apply for the affiliate scheme by clicking the 'Continue' button at the bottom of this page. You’ll need to provide some personal details, create a password, choose how you’d like your commission to be paid and agree to the terms and conditions.


2) We’ll Check Your Application

A member of our team will check your application to be sure that you meet the requirements for the affiliate program – if your content and our products seem like a good match for each other, you’re in! We’ll then activate your affiliate account and shoot you an email to welcome you to the Firestorm affiliate family. We’ll also provide you with your unique affiliate code and some banners/graphics you can use on your website or channel, if you like.

Unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary for us to decline an application. You can find out more about why we might decline your application here.


3) Start Adding Links

Start adding links to the Firestorm Games website on your content. These links will include your unique affiliate code, so that we can track the traffic you send our way and calculate your commission. You can link to the front page of the store, or to a specific range or product that ties in with your latest content.


4) Tell Your Audience About Us

The links only generate commission for you if your audience knows they’re there! Give us a shout out in your videos, podcast episodes and articles. Maybe tell your fans about the great savings on their favourite products or our amazing customer service. One great way to generate sales and add value for your audience is to link them to the products and supplies featured in your content, so that they can try them out for themselves.


5) Profit!

Sit back and watch the commission roll in! Your commission will be automatically paid into your chosen account (bank or PayPal) every month. The minimum payout is £10, but we think you can smash that target easily! We’ll send you a monthly newsletter with tips and ideas that will help you to make the best use of the affiliate program and maximise your commission.


Join the Firestorm Games Affiliate Program today!



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