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Dropzone Commander

In the year 2670 the Golden Age of Mankind has come to an abrupt end. Their Interstellar Empire has been invaded by the Terrible Scourge. Now the United Colonies of Mankind must wage a war across the stars to retake their lost home from Alien threats, (The Scourge and Shaltari Tribes) and the Cybernetic Post Human Republic.

Dropzone Commander is a 10mm scale wargame, in which battles can be waged from small skirmishes, to epic battles which see huge waves of Dropships descend upon the battlefield. Players take command of one of four factions in an effort to ensure the fate of the Galaxy .Battles are fast paced and dynamic, with Dropships deploying and re-deploying units throughout the course of the engagement. This leads to tough tactical choices and exciting combat action.

Battles take place bewteen the United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) fighting to retake their home. The Post Human Republic (PHR) who have turned their back on the old ways and forge a new destiny for Man. The Ancient Shaltari, an enigmatic Alien race that has transcended even Death has taken advantage of the invasion, and seeks to expand their sphere of control. The Scourge, a vile neuro-parasite species that has invaded the Earth.

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