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Circle - Gargantuan, Woldwrath

  • Brand: Privateer Press
  • Product Code: PIP72067
  • Reward Points: 117
  • Availability: 1 in stock
  • Price in reward points: 11699


As the wrath of Orboros rise to ever dangerous heights, the Druids of the Circle have begun to tap into this force, to lesser the effects upon the world. Brought to life, amid blood-fueled rituals cast at the conjunctions of powerful ley lines; Woldwraths channel the very power of the earth and storm. With runes pulsing with arcane energy, the Woldwrath is directed by the Druids to attempt to balance the world before Oroboros can consume it whole.


The Woldwrath brings a new facet to your Circle army. Striding across the battlefield, able to brush aside even the mightiest of Warbeasts, blasting enemy troops apart with lightning attacks.