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ELEGOO Jupiter Resin 3D Printer with 12.8 inch 6K Mono LCD

Our Price: £580.00

(RRP: £1100.00)

With the Elegoo Jupiter, large-format, high-precision and complicated parts can be printed very easily.

Main features of the Elegoo Jupiter at a glance

  • Build volume of 278 x 156 x 300 mm
  • 12.8" 6K LCD display
  • All-metal structure
  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Automatic resin feed
  • Ball screw for smooth operation
  • 4 linear slide guides for increased Z-axis stability
  • COB light source
  • Built-in mini air purifier with activated charcoal filter
  • Free ChiTuBox Pro license for one year
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy assembly & disassembly


Large volume & high detail precision

The Elegoo Jupiter is equipped with a 12.8" 6K LCD screen, the resolution of which guarantees you a higher model quality than other resin printers. The high pixel density enables the creation of high-resolution models, while the large build volume of 278 x 156 x 300 mm gives the user the option to print large parts or multiple small models.

All-metal structure

The entire body and all essential main components are made of high-strength metal to prevent damage such as scratches and guarantee a long service life for the device.

The handles and other components are made of aluminium alloy, which make the Jupiter more fashionable and lightweight.

5-inch touch screen

The user-friendly interface of the 5-inch touchscreen allows you to use it easily and supports many different languages.

Automatic resin feed

You read that right! The Elegoo Jupiter is equipped with an automatic resin feed that offers a resin reserve during the entire printing period. So you no longer have to worry about running out of resin during printing.

Ball screw for smooth operation

The Z-axis adopts a high-quality ball screw for smooth and durable operation. Compared to other printers, the Elegoo Jupiter is very quiet during the printing process.

Four linear carriage guides effectively increase Z-axis stability and reduce unwanted movements such as Z-axis tilting during printing.

The high positioning accuracy enables high-precision printing. The service life of a ball screw is also significantly longer than conventional metric screws.

COB light source

A powerful internal COB light source ensures high light utilisation and light output. Integrated high-density LEDs ensure even light distribution and better printing results.

Built-in mini air purifier

Equipped with a mini air purifier, activated charcoal can absorb and filter the irritating resin smell. This guarantees you a fresh and safe user experience.

ChiTuBox Pro slicer

In addition to your Elegoo Jupiter, you will receive a free annual ChiTuBox Pro license. The slicing program supports common CAD file formats that are compatible with ChiTuBox-Basic and other third-party slicers.

User-friendly design

In order to be able to move the 3D printer more easily and safely, handles have been installed on both sides of the Jupiter. Additional handles have also been added to the resin tank and doors to make the unit easier to operate.

The build plate is attached with a quick-release fastener instead of screws.

Easy assembly & easy upgrade

The outer case, mono screen and Z-axis module can all be disassembled and assembled. You don't need more than 30 minutes to assemble and disassemble your 3D printer.


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