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Fireforge Games - Teutonic Knights

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This contains 12 knights and their horses:

Horses - Horse bodies are split in two parts. There are two different left sides and two different right sides that are totally mixable with each other to obtain different poses. Three different heads and two tails, compatible with every horse body version, complete the horse sections. Without considering the tails, you'll be able to build 12 totally different horses.

Knight Heads - 10 different heads in two sections for a total of 20 heads in the set, of which 12 are with "decorated helmets" and 8 "not decorated". Some of the "decorated helmets" types were sculpted with easy cut off option in mind for people wanting to build only not "decorated" ones.

Knight Bodies and Cloaks - 4 different knight bodies and 4 different cloaks for a total of 12 bodies and cloaks in the set. Cloaks are not attached to the bodies, so you can build knights without them too.

Weapons - 4 different right arms armed with spears, 2 with swords, 1 axe, 1 mace and 1 morning star. Three weapon sections for a total of 12 spears, 6 swords, 3 axes, 3 maces and 3 morning star in the set.

Shields - 3 different heater shields with left arms attached and 3 different heater shields with left arms not attached. There are three shield sections for a total of 18 heater shields in the box.

Various - Cross standard, right arm with a horn (musician), 4 different sculpted standards/flags and several bits of rectangular plate pieces as a reinforced armour option to shoulders.


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