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Inspector Nose

  • Brand: Coiled Spring
  • Product Code: INSP_NOSE
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You are a top-notch team of detectives, with noses to the ground, ready to solve cases. Take turns at in the role of Inspector Nose to lead your team to identify the correct card and solve the case.

With very simple rules and plenty of thrills. You can become a master detective with practice.

What’s in the box?

54 image Cards
5 number cards
1 clue card
8 dice
How to play:

In this game, you will learn to give and interpret clues, to think outside the box and to combine. Because you are playing together it is crucial to discuss what a certain clue can mean! Your team will play in five rounds, how many points can you score?

Inspector Nose rolls five dice that are chosen randomly. Then choose one symbol rolled that might give a good clue about the correct image card.

IMPORTANT: Inspector Nose cannot communicate!

Then the other players will discuss what the chosen symbol could mean, and which image card it might be pointing to! Agree on one card they think is incorrect and eliminate that card by placing it aside. If the players eliminated the right card, Inspector Nose gets to roll again.

The game then continues in the same way, ideally after four rounds, the correct card should be the only one left on the table.

If the players eliminate the card they were looking for, then the round ends immediately, and the team scores one point for each card they successfully eliminated.

The next round: Any cards that are still in the middle of the table, are returned to the box. Place five new image cards face up, and the next player clockwise becomes Inspector Nose. The game ends after the fifth round after which all the successfully eliminated cards are counted and players check to see how well they performed!


Inspector Nose challenges both kids and adults’ strategy and deduction skills!