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Bushido - Isamu

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A veteran of the Dragon wars, tales of his courage at the battle of Hendai are still told today in the streets of Tsumaga. He had led the life of a fisherman after the first war until the call from Ryu came, summoning all goshi back to service in this new time of strife. From an early age Isamu exuded an air of authority and a calm head in the heat of the moment. It came as no surprise that he was raised to the rank of Gunso quickly during his first term of service to the Takashi clan, a position he quickly settled into. His experience and presence imbuing his soldiers with a confidence and courage to fight on and turn the tide of battle for the Dragon clan.

This blister contains:

1 Perfecture of Ryu Isamu metal miniature

1 30mm base

1 full colour profile card

Please note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required


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