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Kings of War - Dwarf Ironclad Regiment

  • Brand: Mantic Games
  • Product Code: MGKWD21-1
  • Reward Points: 20
  • Availability: 1 in stock
  • Price in reward points: 1912


Entire regiments of battle hardened Dwarf Ironclads form the core units of a Dwarf King's Army. They are tough, resilient and well-armoured, ready to take the charge of the enemy and force them back carrying heavy warhammers and iron shields. Ironclads are led into battle by grizzled Champions wearing the winged helmets of Dwarven warriors from an age long forgotten, their unit's battle standard held aloft proudly in the front rank.

The Dwarf Ironclad Regiment contains 20 plastic Dwarf Ironclad Warriors, armed with warhammers and shields, and includes a complete command group, 2 Mantic Points and the Dwarven Dogs!