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Rumbleslam - Tin Khan

  • Brand: TT Combat
  • Product Code: TTRSR-OAS-005
  • Reward Points: 10
  • Availability: Restock expected, available to order. Notify me when available
  • Price in reward points: 960


Tin Khan is the ruler of an entire province! Very little is known about the mysterious land, other than it is filled with other automatons. Although scholars say that the automatons are entirely devoid of feeling, anyone that has seen Tin Khan after a particularly devastating loss will know that the statement is definitely not true.

Tin Khan is a slow moving ruler of the ring! He's devastatingly strong, tough and thanks to his weight 4 base is extremely difficult to throw out of the ring. When bouncing off the ropes you'd best hope this wrestler doesn't steam roll over you.

This superstar soaks up damage like he's made of metal, 'Heavy Metal' in fact! This ability means he always takes 1 less Damage from each attack (including Beatdowns) to a minimum of 0. When Tin Khan gets his crowd pleaser he goes into OVERDRIVE! This wrestler loses 2 Stamina but gains 2+AP and 2+MP Counters.