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Bushido - Saki, Rose of Jima

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The reach of the Jade Roses stretches far beyond the city of Jima. It is difficult to find an individual in a position of power, man or woman who hasn’t tasted or been tempted by the sweet smell and charms of a beautiful rose. No one knows exactly the training techniques that the Jade Rose implements and many suggest that their charisma and manipulative powers are supernatural and the result of some powerful enchantment. Of course no Rose would ever disclose this information such is their devotion to the Gumi. Saki is a master at the art of suggestion, without uttering a word she can draw the attention of any unlucky enough to be selected for her wiles, stumbling blindly after her in the heat of battle.

This blister contains:

1 Silvermoon Syndicate Saki, Rose of Jima metal miniature

1 30mm base

1 full colour profile card

Please note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required


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