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Ambush Alley Games

<p>Ambush Alley Games was founded in 2007 with the release of their first game, Ambush Alley. That little game packed a lot of punch and soon became a favorite for war-gamers interested in modern, asymmetric urban conflicts. Ambush Alley was followed by Force on Force, which expanded the basic mechanisms of Ambush Alley onto the more traditional, kinetic battlefield and Tomorrow's War (both of which were nominated for Origins Awards in 2011).</p> <p>In conjunction with Osprey, Ambush Alley Games published eight Force on Force source books covering modern theaters of war ranging from mid-century colonial wars in Africa to cutting edge Special Operations in the 21st century. Today, Ambush Alley Games continues to support their existing games and is hard at work on new rule sets that will bring new eras and scales of gaming to their fans. As always, their sights are set on the future!</p>
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