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Armies of Chaos

Our store stocks the complete range of products for the Chaos factions of Warhammer 40K, including Chaos DaemonsChaos KnightsChaos Space MarinesDeath GuardThousand Sons and World Eaters. Order from Firestorm Games for free same day dispatch on orders over £60 in the UK. Fast dispatch, reliable delivery and excellent service.

The forces of Chaos in Warhammer 40,000 are a malevolent and insidious presence that corrupts and feeds on the souls of the galaxy. Its armies are composed of traitorous Space Marines known as Chaos Space Marines, who have forsaken their loyalty to the Imperium in exchange for the dark gifts and chaotic blessings of their patron deities. The Chaos legions are supplemented by hordes of daemons, twisted creatures from the Warp, a chaotic dimension that lies beyond reality. These forces of Chaos are relentless in their pursuit of power and seek to plunge the galaxy into eternal damnation and turmoil.

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