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Bushido - Yusha, The Vindictive

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A terrible and furious oni, Yusha the vindictive is a master of controlling, focusing and leashing the destructive ferocity of those unlucky enough to find themselves under his lash. Whether it’s the vicious lion-like Kaihei, blood maddened slaves or a gaggle of Bakemono eager to prove themselves to this hulking master. Yusha’s command of the Kaihei comes from his position amongst them as the undisputed pride alpha, his own feral nature allowing him to easily assume dominance over a pride and drive them to almost breaking point, through rage and frequent strings of the lash.

This blister contains:

1 Savage Wave Yusha, the Vindictive metal miniature

1 30mm base

1 full colour profile card

Please note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required


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