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Horus Heresy: Everything Coming to Pre-Order in 2024

In the grim darkness of the far future, war rages across the galaxy, and the echoes of the Horus Heresy reverberate through the annals of history. As the loyalists of the Imperium strive to maintain the fragile unity forged amidst the ashes of betrayal, a new wave of releases is set to sweep across the battlefields the 31st millennium.

From the towering post-human warriors of the Legiones Astartes to the mortal soldiers of the Solar Auxilia, 2024 heralds an array of eagerly anticipated pre-orders and new releases for Horus Heresy fans. In this article we'll collect all the information we have about the upcoming pre-orders and new releases as they're announced. Let's go!


March 2024 Pre-Orders - UPDATED

Campaigns in the Age of Darkness: The Battle for Beta Garmon

SundayPreview Mar17 THH 01 BetaGarmon

The newest campaign supplement for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy is available in both hardcover book and ePub formats, brimming with exciting content. This comprehensive volume presents a detailed history of the Loyalist counter-attack into the Garmon Cluster, alongside comprehensive rules for utilizing Shattered Legions and Blackshields warbands. Additionally, it enhances your Space Marines with Legiones Auxilia forces and offers a complete campaign system to interconnect your battles, with ongoing effects on the scenarios played.

Furthermore, you'll discover rules for new Solar Auxilia and Legiones Astartes units, including three variants of Solar Auxilia Sentinels, along with renowned figures from the Beta-Garmon conflict, from Tybalt Marr to Shadrak Meduson.


Solar Auxilia – Infantry Sections

SundayPreview Mar17 THH 04 RifleSection

For the first time, three distinct units of Solar Auxilia footsloggers are now available separately: the Lasrifle Section, Tactical Command Section, and Veletaris Storm Section.

The Lasrifle Section comprises 20 plastic infantry equipped with lasrifles. These Auxiliaries can be configured into two squads or one large section, offering various options such as bayonets, a Sergeant armed to the teeth, and troopers carrying a vexilla and vox interlock.

The Tactical Command Section allows you to assemble a distinguished Solar Auxilia leader alongside four adorned companions in various configurations: a Legate Marshal and their Lifewards, a Tactical Command Section, or a Line Command Section. It encompasses all the options from the Lasrifle Section and more, such as an augury scanner or fluttering cohort vexilla.

In contrast, the Veletaris Storm Section box enables you to construct 10 elite troopers donned in reinforced void armor. Each trooper can be equipped with volkite chargers or storm axes, and the kit includes parts to fashion a Sergeant outfitted with premium gear, along with optional vexilla and vox troopers.

All three kits are accompanied by a 125-decal Solar Auxilia Infantry transfer sheet.


Solar Auxilia – Malcador Heavy Tank

SundayPreview Mar17 THH 05 Malcador

Originating from the conflicts of the Age of Strife on Ancient Terra, the Malcador stands as a robust tank renowned for its remarkable speed despite its considerable bulk, boasting an array of armaments. These encompass three distinct turret options, six selections for the hull weapon, five pairs of various sponson guns, and a choice of three pintle-mounted weapons (or none). Additionally, it features a tank commander offering a selection of two heads, alongside assorted options and upgrades. Accompanying the Malcador is a 180-decal Solar Auxilia Vehicle Markings transfer sheet.


Solar Auxilia – Leman Russ Assault and Strike Tanks

SundayPreview Mar17 THH 06 LemanRuss

There are two distinct kits available for the 31st Millennium iteration of the reliable Leman Russ tank. The Leman Russ Assault Tank is tailored for frontal assaults against fortified adversaries, opting for larger guns at the expense of some speed. It offers options like the demolisher cannon, volkite macro-saker, or executioner plasma cannon, along with various hull and pintle weapons, as well as additional features such as a dozer blade or searchlights.

On the other hand, the Leman Russ Strike Tank is configured for swifter flank assaults and can be equipped with a battlecannon, double-barreled gravis lascannon or autocannon, or a vanquisher battlecannon (paired with a co-axial autocannon) atop its turret. It also provides the same cosmetic and upgrade options available for the Assault Tank. Both kits are accompanied by a 180-decal Solar Auxilia Vehicle Markings transfer sheet.


Solar Auxilia – Dracosan Armoured Transport

SundayPreview Mar17 THH 07 Dracosan

The Dracosan is spacious, offering ample room to house a complete Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section consisting of 20 troopers. Its robust armor provides substantial protection against all but the most severe enemy attacks. Furthermore, it is capable of delivering formidable firepower once its cargo is deployed, featuring options such as a hull-mounted gravis lascannon or demolisher cannon, alongside various other choices including the iconic dozer blade. Each Dracosan kit includes a 180-decal Solar Auxilia Vehicle Markings transfer sheet.


Solar Auxilia – Aethon Heavy Sentinel

SundayPreview Mar17 THH 08 HeavySent

Introducing the Aethon Heavy Sentinel, the ultimate addition to the Solar Auxilia arsenal. This sturdy walker is designed to offer formidable close-range fire support to the courageous Lasrifle and Veletaris Sections. Boasting six primary weapon options and two missile choices, there's no challenge too daunting for this resilient biped, not even the formidable might of the Legiones Astartes.


Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia Battle Group

SundayPreview Feb25 THH 01 SolarAuxBox

Introducing the Solar Auxilia Battle Group, a formidable addition to Warhammer: The Horus Heresy's ever-expanding factions newly minted in plastic. This set unveils 28 new miniatures. Leading the charge is a five-man Line Command section, comprising an Auxilia Troop Master and four skilled Auxilia Veterans, each offering a range of upgrade possibilities. Accompanying them are 20 Auxilia armed with las rifles, bolstering the ranks of the Imperium's forces. Among the mechanized might included are a Leman Russ Strike Tank, an Aethon Pattern Heavy Sentinel, and a Dracosan Armoured Transport.

Additionally, players will find two Solar Auxilia Infantry transfer sheets and two Solar Auxilia Vehicle transfer sheets, each boasting over 150 transfers. For those eager to deploy these units on the battlefield, detailed rules can be found in the Liber Imperium – The Forces of the Emperor Army Book. Prepare to command the might of the Solar Auxilia and forge your legend in the crucible of war.

Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia Battle Group is available to pre-order here.


Solar Auxilia Dice

SundayPreview Feb25 THH 02 SolarAuxDice

Elevate your Solar Auxilia gameplay with a touch of sophistication using this set of 20 dice. Among them are 19 standard six-sided dice, each adorned with a mesmerizing pearlescent grey and black swirl pattern, showcasing the Solar Auxilia emblem on the coveted six face. Additionally, the set includes one scatter dice, providing tactical versatility on the battlefield. Roll with flair and precision as you command the forces of the Imperium with these exquisite dice at your disposal.

The Solar Auxilia Dice Set is available to pre-order here.


From the unveiling of long-awaited miniatures to the introduction of as-yet undreampt of new kits, 2024 promises to be an exciting new chapter in the ongoing saga of betrayal and brotherhood that is The Horus Heresy. As collectors eagerly anticipate the arrival of these treasures and strategists prepare to deploy them on the tabletop, the future of the Horus Heresy narrative hangs in the balance. We'll continue to have all the pre-orders and new releases for you right here!

All the new Horus Heresy releases will be available to pre-order here soon.

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